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漢字ぷちてすと Version 1.1.1
Opening Assistant Version 2.1.0



漢字ぷちてすと Version 1.1.1


Version 1.1.1 Download (for Windows)
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  Opening Assistant Version 2.1.0

Opening Assistant is the software to training the opening of chess.
Opening Assistant is Freeware.

Opening Assistant Version 2.0.0

Version 2.1.0 Download (for Windows)
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Opening List
A06 Reti Opening / Old Indian Attack
A19 English Opening / Mikenas-Carls Sicilian Variation
A29 English Opening / Four Knights Kingside Fianchetto
A39 English Opening / Symmetrical Variation
A81 Dutch Defence
B01 Scandinavian Defence
B02 Alekhine's Defense / Scandinavian Variation
B05 Alekhine's Defense / Modern Variation
B12 Caro-Kann Defence / Advance Variation
B13 Caro-Kann Defence / Exchange Variation
B13 Caro-Kann Defence / Panov-Botvinnik Attack
B17 Caro-Kann Defence / Steinitz Variation
B19 Caro-Kann Defence / Classical Variation
B26 Sicilian Defence / Closed Variation
B41 Sicilian Defence / Kan Variation
B47 Sicilian Defence / Taimanov Variation
B66 Sicilian Defence / Richter-Rauzer Attack
B78 Sicilian Defence / Dragon Yugoslav Attack
B84 Sicilian Defence / Scheveningen Classical Variation
B87 Sicilian Defence / Sozin with ...a6 and ...b5
B97 Sicilian Defence / Najdorf Poisoned Pawn Variation
B99 Sicilian Defence / Najdorf 7...Be7 Main Line
C01 French Defence / Exchange Variation
C02 French Defence / Advance Variation
C07 French Defence / Tarrasch Open Variation
C14 French Defence / Classical Variation
C19 French Defence / Winawer Variation
C22 Center Game / Berger Variation
C29 Vienna Game / Breyer Variation 6.d4
C29 Vienna Game / Breyer Variation 6.Qe2
C32 King's Gambit Declined / Falkbeer
C38 King's Gambit Accepted / Hanstein Gambit
C39 King's Gambit Accepted / Kieseritsky Rice Gambit
C42 Petrov's Defence / Classical Attack
C43 Petrov's Defence / Modern Attack
C45 Scotch Game / Schmidt Variation
C45 Scotch Game / Mieses Variation
C46 Three Knight Game
C49 Four Knight Game / Symmetrical Metger Unpin
C49 Four Knight Game / Symmetrical Blake Variation
C52 Evans Gambit
C52 Evans Gambit / Compromised Defence
C53 Giuoco Piano
C54 Giuoco Piano / Bernstein Variation
C54 Giuoco Piano / Therkatz-Herzog Variation
C59 Two Knights Defence
C67 Ruy Lopez / Open Berlin Defence
C69 Ruy Lopez / Exchange Gligoric Variation
C83 Ruy Lopez / Open Classical Defence
C83 Ruy Lopez / Open Malkin Variation
C85 Ruy Lopez / Exchange Variation Doubly Deferred
C99 Ruy Lopez / Closed Chigorin Defence
D07 Queen's Gambit Declined / Chigorin Defence
D09 Queen's Gambit Declined / Albin Counter Gambit
D27 Queen's Gambit Accepted / Classical Variation
D34 Queen's Gambit Declined / Tarrasch Defence
D40 Queen's Gambit Declined / Semi-Tarrasch Defence
D49 Queen's Gambit Declined / Semi-Slav Defence
D69 Queen's Gambit Declined / Orthodox Defence
D87 Gruenfeld Defence / Exchange Variation
D97 Gruenfeld Defence / Russian Variation
E15 Queen's Indian Defence / Nimzovich Variation
E48 Nimzo-Indian Defence
E87 King's Indian Defence / Saemisch Variation
E97 King's Indian Defence / Orthodox Variation

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